Why Is An Immigration Lawyer Needed To Help You Come To Canada?

Canada is highly recognized for its immigration system, as each year it welcomes thousands of new immigrants to travel, study, work and settle into the country. Immigrants have helped the country counter aging demographics, fuel economic growth and drive the labour market to new heights. As immigrants have given a lot to Canada, the country has not held back in helping all new comers with their transition to a new land.

While there are many different programs that Canada has opened up over the years, the four main categories are as follows:

Family Class: This is for members or closely related applicants of Canadian residents living in Canada to support reunification.

Economic Class: This is for applicants that qualify for the Canadian experience class, skilled workers and business class.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds: This is for applicants who have been accepted to immigrate for humanitarian and compassionate reasons based on their situations and circumstances.

Refugees: This is for individuals who are escaping persecution, cruelty and torture from their countries of origin.

Each program differs greatly in the qualifications required so no one-size-fits-all description is possible.

As each of the streams within the categories have different provisions, it can become very complicated and troublesome to complete everything on your own.  It can also be very easy to misunderstand the forms and leave out key documentation and information.

The application process for immigration matters requires a sharp eye for details and vast knowledge of the quickly changing rules and proceedings. For many potential applicants it is their livelihood that depends on how the application is completed, and how soon they will receive a response from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) based on their submission.

We at Swiderski Law, will gather and complete all the paperwork requested with our professional experience, and maintain correspondence with the IRCC on your behalf. We will assist you with a structured path you can pursue to fulfill all your immigration needs.

While the adjustment from one country to another can be very difficult, we at Swiderski Law would like to make that transition smoothly for you and with you.

For all your immigration inquiries please contact us.