Upcoming Property Tax Assessment 2022

Swiderski Law Professional Corporation provides residential, commercial, industrial, farm, managed forest, and all property owners like you, with the service of reducing your property taxes.

The higher the assessment provided by MPAC, the higher the property taxes.

We fight with MPAC for the taxpayer to save them from overpaying!

With the dramatic upcoming increase between 2023-2026, we’ll be right by your side to guide you.

The Government of Ontario has decided to halt the property tax assessment for a second year in a row.

This means that all taxpayers will continue to pay their property taxes calculated at the rate that was assessed in January 2016.

If your property assessment value has been reduced since January 2016, then you do not need to file for an appeal, as the reduced assessment will be the base to calculate your 2022 taxes by your municipality.

However, if your property tax has risen since 2016 due to renovations done on the property, then filing an appeal is the answer for you.

At Swiderski Law, we have close to 20 years of experience reducing the assessed value, which saves our clients thousands of dollars off their property taxes yearly.

There is no obligation on your part – no fee is paid to us unless a reduction is made in the property assessment.

The deadline to file a 2022 appeal is March 31, 2022.


Here’s how to begin: 

  1.  Visit our website: www.swiderskilaw.ca/forms
  2. Carefully read and fill out the Contingency and Authorization, and Direction forms.
  3. Simply call and we will guide you through the process.
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