Property Taxes 2021

Today, I would like to update you on the recent changes to the property assessment legislation in Ontario, which may or may not affect your property tax payable in 2021.

Originally, the government was planning to reassess all properties in Ontario at the end of 2020; however due to COVID-19, that reassessment was cancelled. This means that all property owners will pay their taxes in 2021 based on the same assessment value as was set for the 2017-2020 assessment cycle. You do not have to file another appeal for 2021 if your 2017-2020 assessment was already reduced. Only property owners whose assessment for the 2017-2020 cycle stayed the same or increased should consider appealing their assessment in 2021. The appeal deadline is March 31, 2021

If your 2017-2020 assessment stayed the same or if your 2021 assessment increased above the 2020 value, please contact me and I will be happy to provide you with all information needed to successfully file an appeal. Those clients who already signed up with me will receive a separate email shortly with information on their file status. They shouldn’t fear missing the deadline for the 2021 appeal.

The next reassessment of all properties in Ontario is scheduled to take place at the end of 2021 based on January 1, 2020 real estate sales. The government is planning to send new notices of assessment to all property owners in Ontario in the second part of 2021, which will be effective for the 2022-2025 assessment cycle. The real estate analysis indicates that we should expect a substantial increase of assessments for the next cycle, however the rate of increase will only be known after every property owner receives their 2022-2025 Notice of Assessment.

Please be assured that I am prepared to guide you and assist you in all the steps required to reduce your property taxes. If you have any questions related to your property taxes, please contact me. Based on the work done by me on your file in the past, I will be more than happy to provide you with the present status of your file and give you proper advice for the next assessment cycle 2022-2025.

Property Taxes and You

Property taxes too high?

The amount of property taxes you pay is determined by two factors: a property assessment and a tax rate. The higher your assessment, the more property taxes you will pay.

The Province, through the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), determines the assessment of each property. All properties in Ontario have recently been reassessed. The assessments will affect property taxes for the 2021 tax years.

Your Right to Fair Taxes

It is your right to pay no more than your fair share of property taxes. All property owners in Ontario have the right to have their assessments independently reviewed and to appeal their property taxes under the Assessment Act. A review now may lead to an appeal, which could reduce your taxes in the future.

The Appeal Process

Your right to fair taxes is granted under the Assessment Act. Appeals are filed with the Assessment Review Board of the Ministry of the Attorney General. Requests for Reconsideration (RfR) are filed with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. The onus is on MPAC to prove that the assessment is correct. The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation will defend the assessment and, because of this, the law recognizes your right to professional representation – someone who is on your side.

Swiderski Law and You

Swiderski Law Professional Corporation provides an independent service, that helps Ontario property owners review and-reduce their property taxes. As Ontario’s leading independent property tax specialists, we have been able to reduce taxes in more than 80% of our cases. While there are no guarantees, big property tax savings are not uncommon for over-assessed properties. As your professional representative we use our knowledge of property valuation and assessment law in conjunction with our extensive property databank to document your case before the Assessment Review Board.

How to reduce your property taxes?

It’s simple. Fill in forms from our website and return it to our office as soon as possible. Everything else will be taken care of for you. The first step will be to complete a review of your property. If it shows an error in the assessment, the second step will be to file an RfR with MPAC as well as an appeal with Assessment Review Board if needed. There is a deadline to start the appeal process, and if it’s missed, you will not be eligible for tax decrease and refund of taxes.

We Provide Representation, Advice and Advocacy in the Areas of:

  • Property assessment appeals;
  • Expert evidence and testimony;
  • Property assessment valuation;
  • Negotiation with MPAC, Tax Office, and government agencies;
  • Municipal tax management;
  • Residential properties, including apartment buildings and recreational;
  • Commercial properties;
  • Industrial properties;
  • Farm properties, including properties owned by non-farmers;
  • Vacant land, including development land regardless of zoning;
  • Managed Forest properties; preparation and registration of MF plans.

Property Tax Review

A periodic review of your assessment can help identify errors and minimize the property taxes you pay. A review of your property assessment will be completed to help determine if an appeal should be filed.

Fee Schedule

Our fee is simply 50% of the tax saving. No fee is payable unless there is a reduction in your assessment. There is an Assessment Review Board appeal filing fee for residential property, and for commercial property. This will be paid by you only, if the review shows that an appeal should be filed and you decide to go with the appeal. If we are successful, our fee will be only 50% of your property tax savings resulting from a decrease in your assessment. This fee is payable only when you receive official notification verifying the reduction of the assessed value of your property. There are no other up-front fees or hidden costs.